It all started with a quote......Seriously, I have always been a fan of inspirational quotes and there was one I kept coming across over & over and every time I would see it, I would feel something inside of me calling out.  I would always ignore the voice inside and go back to my meaningless job, working with people who did not care about ​anything but the bottom line and making themselves look good. Sometimes it was a struggle to keep a smile on my face but, I was raised to believe it is our job to work at meaningless, heartless jobs and deal with frustrations because that is just our burden of being a human. Then, there was that quote.....again......it said "A year from now, you will wish you had started today".  I had seen it time and again and was always able to avoid any action but not that day.  That day I put my foot down and decided I would start, I would start right then, that moment and nothing would stop me, especially not myself.  And I immediately began a journey that has led me to this beautiful, happy place in life.  It's hard to believe it has only been about six months and so much has already changed, particularly my perspective.  I re-enrolled in an accelerated college program and am pursuing my masters in psychology so I can obtain my degree in counseling and open my own counseling practice ( a dream I have had since I was a child and a counselor helped me) and who knows I might even go for a Ph.D.  I started creating recycled hand painted signs in an effort to help pay some of my college expenses and support myself, I have sold a lot of my formerly prized possessions after realizing possessions are not the things that bring us joy, experiences are.  I am meeting amazing people with stories that will bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face.  I am finding out that even though we are all so different on the outside, we are also so alike on the inside.  We are all wanting to jump into the life we have imagined but we are so tied to the life we are living.  There is a beautiful simplicity to my life now.  I am not nearly the consumer I used to be, instead I create.  Who could ask for anything more?


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